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Music & Entertainment Association Of Ireland


Welcome agus Fáilte Romhaibh

MEAI is a representative association for professionals in the Music & Entertainment industry in Ireland led by industry professionals. 


Our goals are to 

  • improve standards, security and sustainability for workers.

  • offer advice and assistance.

  • develop and advance the professional recognition of the industry as a viable and recognised career.

  • evolve and secure Music & Entertainment as a sustainable & renewable sector.  


MEAI will achieve this by working closely with workers and stakeholders in the industry, develop relationships with organisations, directly and indirectly involved with the industry, represent the industry to Government and build upon our already established relationships with Government. 


If you are a professional directly involved in 


a) The creation, production or performance of live/recorded music and/or entertainment performances

b) Organisation, management or promotion of the creation, production or performance of live/recorded music and/or entertainment performances

c) The education and teaching of personnel in disciplines/skills necessary to the above


Then MEAI is the association that wants to give you a voice.

Ireland has long been synonymous with its rich and varied culture and arts. Our culture is recognised and valued worldwide. Music & entertainment are intrinsic to it. It is a record of our past, a snapshot of our present, and a vision into our future. Its is more than a gig, performance or event. It is more than notes or lyrics or colours. It is our identity. 

“As a society we must come to recognise that institutional provision for the arts is as

important to our infrastructure as roads, hospitals and schools.

When we support artists, we support viable democracy.” - President Michael D Higgins


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