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08 May 2023

Statement from the Music & Entertainment Association of Ireland


The Music & Entertainment Association of Ireland regrets that Matt McGranaghan, Spokesperson & Co-Director of MEAI, is stepping down from his roles.


Mr McGranaghan built up a strong relationship with government and media during the Covid pandemic but behind the scenes, he was central to MEAI’s research and strategy.


He was also Chairperson of the MEAI Committee and Secretary to the Music & Entertainment Cross-Party Committee.


Mr McGranaghan is focusing his time and effort on his own personal and professional work and can no longer dedicate the necessary time to MEAI.


MEAI wishes to thank Mr McGranaghan for his determination, focus and hard work, which helped thousands of workers over the past few years.


MEAI will continue to work towards creating a more secure and protected sector for all workers in the Music & Entertainment sector.

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