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Fair Airplay 

The issue of local or national music on the local or national airwaves is not exclusively an Irish problem but is a bone of contention between the music industry and radio industry in most countries of the world so much so that countries such as France, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have all imposed domestic radio airplay quotas for domestic artists to counter the issue. 

Legislative quotas have been attempted in Ireland and not succeeded as they could potentially be in breach of the free movement of goods and services under EU Directive. 

It is likely that an alternative approach, without imposition and based on mutual support and cooperation is needed. 

Radio plays an important role for the music industry in helping new artists get discovered and established artists remain in the limelight. 

We will be holding meetings within the music industry over the couple of months and our hope is to develop solutions collectively which acknowledge the ecosystem between music and radio, and foster a more positive working relationship between the two industries for the common good.

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