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Aoife Scott


Aoife Scott is an award-winning singer, songwriter and international touring artist from Dublin, now based in Co. Kildare. Aoife comes from the musically renowned Black Family and along with her musical performances, has presented on Television and is an advocate for music Industry in Ireland. She has spent years working both behind the scenes and in front of the microphone, and is passionate to give a voice to the unheard artists/performers and event staff of the Music Industry in Ireland.

“I believe that being involved on the committee of MEAI that we can work hard to shape the Irish music industry into a better one, an industry that supports and helps musicians, artists and performers.


What has come from the pandemic is we’ve realised how undervalued people working in the entertainment industry are, as it has always been the case.

I’d like to work in an industry that cultivates art, our culture and music and by working together within MEAI -  I feel like we can do that and I believe we can be an organisation that can help advise and support musicians and all levels, and to make sure to create a better industry and lives for the entertainment workers, musicians, artist’s and performers who succeed us.”

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