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Jackie Conboy

Co-Founder MEAI

Worked as a Dj, Musicians, Sound Engineer, Manager, Tour Manager, Lighting Tech, Promoter.

I started my recording career off in Roseland Studios, Moat, Co Westmeath. At that time we were using two-inch tape and mastering to DAT. Recording was very different to what it is today. South Of Heaven was my next project where we recorded and gigged around Ireland with some success on national radio thanks to Larry Gogan who always promoted Irish artists. I really do miss writing and recording. Touring was a passion for me so I ended up working with some great artists and bands. I toured with the following Foster & Allen, Ragús, The Dubliners, Brendan Shine, Bagatelle, De Dannan, Furry Village, Mike Denver. Worked with the Pogues, Wolftones, Aslan, Katy Durkin, Martin O Connor, Hothouse Flowers, Trad On The Prom, Brendan Boyer, The Revs, Martin Hayes, Classical Twist, 

Big Generator was my next challenge where I was asked to come on board as a manager by my brother Barry who was the guitar player and co-founder of the band and spent 18 years touring Ireland, Holland, Germany, the UK and America.

I have always had a deep interest in the overall music industry and the workings of it and with my son being so interested in music I want him to be in a safe and secure in this sector if he wants to become a full-time professional musician.

What would I like MEAI to achieve?
I would like to see the Music & Entertainment Industry regulated and properly recognised, respected and supported by the government. 

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