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Louise Clarke

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Louise has worked in radio for over fourteen years or so, starting her radio journey with Flirt FM, Galway’s alternative student station where she worked as Production Manager. This was one of only two full time paid positions at the student radio station. Louise was twenty years of age and fresh out of college when she landed the role. 

While continuing to work at Flirt FM, she then scooped up a weekend job at iRadio presenting iTest, which later became First Play. She also added iWeekend, a Saturday afternoon show to her radio suitcase, spending her weekends blissfully playing music and talking on the airwaves to the most fantastic listeners. 

After spending 8 years presenting at the weekends and being iRadios main cover presenter, In January 2019 Louise landed her dream job with iRadio, taking over their talk show, “The Hub” it broadcasted Sunday – Thursday evenings 9pm – Midnight.

After two successful years broadcasting at that time slot, the CEO Mark Cunning decided the show needed to be heard at an earlier time and offered Louise the prime time slot of 6pm – 9pm – Monday to Friday. 


This is the first time since the station's launch in 2008, where a talk show of this nature has been placed at a prime time slot in the schedule, this is a testament to the quality of content and reaction from listeners that this show receives. 

Less than six months into the new roll, In October of 2021, Louise’s show “The Hub” was awarded a bronze award at the National IMRO Radio Awards in the Magazine Show category. (This is like the Irish Radio Oscars, for any non-radio readers). 

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